Re: 3D printed metal

Chuck Harris

I am aware that the custom jewelry folks have been
using conventional 3d plastic printers with wax to
make lost wax investment casting patterns.


Have you ever done metal casting? I have, and it
is a whole avocation in and of itself.

I have all the necessary furnaces, ovens, and other
supplies to do it... everything but the time and will.

99% of the time, I can do what I need using my 2-1/2D
router table.

But, I would still like to one day be able to 3d print
a brass widget... without having to sinter it, or investment
cast the part.

Not today, but someday, I am certain.

-Chuck Harris

Ed Breya via Groups.Io wrote:

You could possibly mix old and new technologies by 3D printing the desired part in a lost-wax type of deal. Put a clay mold around it, then melt or burn out the printed stuff, and cast it with metal. Depending on your foundry skills and materials, you can make all sorts of things. Steel and brass would be tricky due to high temperatures needed. Zinc and some of its alloys (pot metal) would be fairly easy.


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