Tek 576 Curve Tracer, 3 mechanical parts wanted; Does anyone have a parts unit ?


Does anyone have a Tek 576 parts unit ?

I am looking for some small mechanical Tektronix parts for my Tek 576:

I have photos of the parts that I can email to you off list.
thank you,

a. ) Multiplier plastic cup, holding the multiplier pot in place:
201-0013-00 "CP, CMPNT MTG: PLASTIC"

This is a small plastic gray(?) cup that helps hold the Multiplier Pot in place on the Tek 576 front panel. It may have a metal retaining clip as well.

b. ) The knobs(coaxial) and extension shaft(coaxial) for the Max Peak Volts / Series resistor assembly. Part #'s and description can be seen in the expanded mechanical drawing that I can email.

My knobs & extension shaft (~ 2" long, extending behind the from panel ) are missing:

c. ) Mechanical linkage:
The outer sleeve parts ( # 13, 11, & 8 ) are White Plastic (as see in the photos) but wonder if the inner rod parts ( # 12, 10, 9 etc) are aluminum or plastic ?

The #1 being the actual rotarty switch.

I need the mechanical Extension Link parts, includes Relevant items include Items 6 ~ 13.

I also need the front panel (coaxial ?) Knobs: Numbers 85 through 88 are the relevant items.

Tek 576 mechanical white plastic linkage A
White plastic (& metal) shaft extension parts(long & short white bits) for the rotary switch, shown at the right hand side.

Tek 576 plastic link
Top view of the white plastic (& metal) extension shaft that is missing in my Tek 576.

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