3D printed metal

John Griessen

On 11/10/19 8:22 AM, Chuck Harris wrote:
My fervent wish is to be able to 3D print brass, aluminum,
or steel... But alas, that won't be for a while.

What I see that says it is 3D printed brass, or aluminum, is in
actuality a slurry of brass flakes, or aluminum flakes, and some
organic (plastic) meltable binder.
( imaterialize.com ) Whoops, I spelled wrong:


offers a "steel" 3D printed material that has shrinkage
inaccuracies since it is made from steel particles held in a binder,
then oven baked with flux and brazing brass that infuses to create
sintered metal parts.

The shrinkage happens in the oven bake step.

For some things, it could be as good as investment castings, but with more shape freedom.
No requirement not to have undercuts, no limit on how big an area of thin walled shape, no core pins.
Compared to sand castings it's even better -- no parting lines, no draft angles.

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