Re: 2465 Fan Collet Thingy


That happened to me. It broke cleanly and rather squarely at the end/depth of the brass insert.

I drilled and tapped the collet about 3/16" deep, used a very short length of #4-40 threaded rod (really just a cut off #4-40 screw), CA-glued the threaded rod into the plastic and then did the same into the brass end (with CA on the mating surfaces.

I had to shorten the #4-40 on the threaded "puller" but it all went back together and appears it will hold (it doesn't take much "pull" to close the collet sufficiently.

Just one way that might work to fix a broken collet.

Barry - N4BUQ

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Are there any of the fan to motor collet thingies available anywhere?
When I removed the back panel, the fan fell out. I think someone tightened
it up too much and broke it on the scope I'm rejuvinating.

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