Re: 2465 Fan Collet Thingy

Tony Fleming

Where are the 3D files to print my own replacement?
Thank you very much.

On Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 6:39 PM Chuck Harris <cfharris@...> wrote:

More usually, the problem is someone turning the
slotted screw, thinking it loosens the collet.

Turning the screw will break the collet every time.
Tightening the nut is less likely to do that, as that
is the intended way to apply force to the collet.

It is the torque that causes problems.

There are dimensioned prints for the collet in the files
section of this group. A search on collet should find them.

If you can't find them, contact me, and I will send them
to you.

-Chuck Harris

DaveH52 wrote:
Are there any of the fan to motor collet thingies available anywhere?
When I removed the back panel, the fan fell out. I think someone
tightened it up too much and broke it on the scope I'm rejuvinating.

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