On Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 06:23 PM, Miguel Work wrote:

Question is why 7S11 works without cells, and 7s14 need it. And if is possible
to use 7s14 with the same scheme. 7s11 uses +-50 v to bias sampling bridge.
I guess the following is relevant: The samplers as used in the 7S11 need much sharper/shorter strobe pulses and a special physical layout to achieve the much higher bandwidth and the battery circuits are incompatible with that. Remember that the 7S14 is made for a much lower bandwidth (1 GHz) than the 7S11, which goes up to 14 GHz with an S4 sampler.
In the circuit diagram of the 7S11 the sampler is shown as a rather simple thing but what you see there is only a block diagram because samplers (the plugins) are each different. Looking at the diagrams of any of the sampler plugins, you'll see that they in fact are rather complicated beasts. By comparison, the 7S14 is much simpler, being "LF" by comparison.
So, it probably more a matter of the 7S14 "getting away with" the much simpler battery biasing scheme.


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