AWG 2021conversion from rackmount, looking for clues on parts.

Szabolcs Szigeti


I scored a nice AWG 2021, in a rackmont setup. I had to do some metal
bending, as it was dropped at one time, but it is working now nicely and
has all the nice options of 2nd channel and the FFT editr.
Since I don't have a rack, and the rack part was damaged anyway, I want to
convert it back to a normal desktop instrument as it would fit under my
2440 with the Tekmate so it cando direct wafeorm transfer. I could figure
out the obvious things, like different length screws on the back, and
missing feet and hadle, but the floppy drive puzzles me a bit.
Looks like there is a completely different frame holding the connector for
the cable to use the floppy externally and also there is a different cover
plate. I know that the floppy is of little use nowadays and it is located
at a very inconvenient place on this instrument anyway, much better to use
it is now, brought to the front on a cable, but it bugs my OCD :-)
Would anyone have the instructions for the rack mount kit (Option 1R) so i
could see what needs to be changed or maybe take some photos. or have the
parts for sale :-)

Thanks a lot in advance.


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