Siemens Hall Effect Motor Lubrication without total disassembly?

Bru H

Hi All,
A long time ago someone said it is possible to lubricate the Oilite Bearing if you place the motor in a vertical position and allow oil to seep into the shaft area.

I have not been into a Siemens Hall effect Motor to see if this would work. I have read Justine Yong's article and can see the internal view.
Can the Shaft protruding side be lubricated by keeping the unit upright and allowing oil to run down the shaft and into the plastic to get to the Oilite bearing?
Can the Set Screw be removed on the other side of the motor to get oil into this side?

Could this possibly be good maintenance?
Could this possibly do more damage by getting excess oil into the winding area?
Anyone try this, experience etc?

Thank you very much

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