Re: NVRAM back-up battery change on a 2715..... avoiding disasters

Michele Trozzi

On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 02:50 PM, Chuck Harris wrote:

I am not 100% on this instrument, but the 2710, and 2711 both
have the ability to fully calibrate themselves built into the

The 2715, which is specialized for Cable TV, probably has this
feature too.

All should be revealed in the manual.

-Chuck Harris wrote:
On the other hand, to recovery a possible parameter loss, I ask if someone
knows a procedure to upload the original parameters for this SA 271x family.

Reading the manual I have understood that after data loss in the NVRAM, you can do a simple re-calibration using the internal calibrator.
This can allow to make just qualitative measures. All linearization data must be re-entered with a complete calibration using very precise signal generator and power meter at different values of amplitude and frequency. This is necessary to get a good amplitude responce on the whole freq. range. The bad thing is that an elusive "271X Flatness Tests" original software is necessary to carry on this procedure.... and a working very old PC.
This is the reason why my hands are shaking to change a battery!

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