Re: Can anyone in the Seattle area copy a 2764DC EPROM

J. L. Trantham

I likely have a means of reading, archiving and programming a chip.

Can you give me a more complete description of the device? Manufacturer, a
picture of the chip, ect.?


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I need to get a 2764DC EPROM copied to a text file in (preferably) BIN
It contains the Version 2.0 executable code for the 7000 series 021-0374-00
GPIB Decoder Plugin.
These GPIB Decoder plugins are extremely rare and it would be valuable to
have a copy of this version of the EPROM software for our archives.
They are used to control the 7xxxP programmable plugins in the 7912AD,
7912HB, and 7854.
Pictures of this plugin can be seen on TekWiki at:

I'm in Bellevue on the Eastside.
If you are nearby contact me OFF LIST at dennis at ridesoft dot com.
Dennis Tillman W7PF

Dennis Tillman W7PF
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