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Vince Vielhaber

You will be missed.


On 11/05/2019 07:51 PM, Craig Sawyers wrote:
Hi all

I've been thinking about this for quite a while. But I think after 18 years on Tekscopes it is
finally time to sign off. In part it is because I think I have said all there is that I can possibly
say on Tekscopes, and in part because I just figured out that I have posted over 4,600 times - an
exceptionally depressing number, even more so when it represents 14% of all posts to Tekscopes ever.
That is one in every seven posts, heaven help us all, that I reckon to be over 800 hours of typing,
not counting the thinking time.

So to the many people who are on this list who have helped me to figure out problems in my stable of
Tektronix gear - my heartfelt thanks. There have been notable assistance above and beyond the call -
as an example, while describing a particular fault in my 7854, one of the list members disconnected
the sampling bridge in his own unit to mimic the fault! And yes, my vertical sampling bridge was
indeed toast. You have all been an inspiration, and I hope that some of you think of me as a friend.
I also hope that over the years I have been able to contribute something to others.

Anyhow - cheers all

Signing off

Craig Sawyers

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