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G Hopper

I think one reason you might not appreciate Craig's comment and position is
twofold. First, is that I would guess that you're reading the posts via
email and so, I agree, it is very easy to delete, but I think we've all
been at the spot where we open an email thinking it is about one thing, and
it turns out to be about something different. The extreme of that is spam
advertising. Opening an email thinking it's about 7000 series stuff only to
find it doesn't have anything to do with the stated subject except in a
vague or oblique way, can be just as frustrating and would also fit the
definition of spam from a content point of view.

Second is that when searching on line and hoping to find an answer,
particularly with detail or troubleshooting, I personally find it more
pleasing to not have a lot of extraneous stuff in a topic/subject thread.
While it seems impossible to achieve these days, it's a laudable, and
apparently achievable goal.

Having said that, When I opened the thread, I didn't expect a 7000 only
post. In fact, the post pretty much fit what I expected, a story. In fact
the subject like practically advertised that there would be a story. I did
like the story as well :-) After all, it told of reasons why the 7000
series is useful and part of that is an incredibly necessary explanation of
how and why the writer came to that conclusion so that as readers we might
consider whether we agree with his premise that "7000 still hard to beat".
He seemed to tell a story that made that point well.

So, in my estimation of things, Craig's original premise (that the OP's
"subject" and contents were inconsistent and not appropriately descriptive)
wasn't reasonable, but his comments about keeping reply posts on topic or
at least highly pertinent to the original topic was (again IMHO) a good and
important point we should all endeavor to subscribe to.


On Tue, Nov 5, 2019 at 1:33 PM fiftythreebuick <> wrote:

Hi Craig-

I must be missing something....

If I click on a thread and see that it's veered off topic so that it's no
longer of interest to me, it only takes oh maybe 3 - 5 seconds to click on
another thread. That doesn't seem like a big deal to me, but am I missing
something? I genuinely don't understand the problem!

Have a great evening!


On Tue, Nov 5, 2019 at 08:02 AM, Craig Sawyers wrote:

Here's the thing Chuck - if the topic was called something like "2465B
7000 series - a comparison"
or something similar that would have been more informative of the thread

I have a lot of interest in the 7000 series and none at all in the 2465B
(apart from anything else I
have no room left for any other series!) - hence my chagrin at opening
and expecting it to be
about the 7000 series and finding it was something else entirely.

Frustratingly this happens all the time, and renders it difficult to
impossible to find relevant posts
in the archives.

There is one list I'm a long standing member of
( ) where
if a thread strays off topic the mods simply delete the straying posts,
within minutes. And
don't even tell you if and why your post has vanished.

I'm not remotely suggesting that we go down that route - just a little
discipline in (a) using
an informative title for the thread and (b) if the thread changes to a
different topic to change the
working title to reflect that.

We agree about the politics entirely ;-)


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You are out of line here. You are my friend, but you are

Peter opened this thread describing how his go to 2465B
fell short of his needs, forcing him to resort to a
combination of 7A22 and 7000 series scope to make his

That was an obvious opening for both 2465B fans, and
7000 series fans to discuss the topic.

To add fuel to this fire, I calibrate lots of 2465 family
scopes, for group members, but my go to scope is a 7854
for the same reason that Peter went to his 7103/7A22 to
solve his difficult task.

I keep my 7854 stuffed with an assortment of plugins that
meet my daily needs in a way I just can't with the highly
capable, portable, but ultimately limited 2465B.

Discussions on this group are never fixed and ridged they
wiggle and squirm their way into different discussions...

But excepting for your tirade, this discussion has stuck
to its original course. It started as a discussion of
2465B's vs 7000 series versatility, and so it has remained.

Be glad that we haven't veered into politics.

-Chuck Harris

Craig Sawyers wrote:
Don't agree. When I open a post that is "7000 still hard to beat" I
to find posts on the
of the 7000 series scopes and plug ins. Not the 2465B.

There is nothing more frustrating than keeping a message title and
digressing onto another topic.


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Well that is a little rude Craig. The OP clearly states that a
2465B is
his main scope and he
out a R7103 and put in a 7A22 for greater sensitivity and
input. My simple question
asking if there was an active probe with diff inputs that could
his main scope, the

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