Re: OT: High Frequency coax?? Copper tubing??

Jeff Kruth

Called "Semi-rigid coax" usually 50 ohm, diameters of .250,.141,.085 &.047 inch are fairly common and have connector families available. There are other sizes and impedances, of course. Very common in microwave-UHF gear. Made by Uniform Tube (UT-141 is very common) and others. Now a re-bendable style has become common, called "reformable" basically began as solder filling coax braid. 

Jeff Kruth
Hope this helps.

In a message dated 11/2/2019 8:02:34 PM Eastern Standard Time, @tinkera123 writes:
Hi,This question is related to my Rohde and Schwarz SMS Signal Generator (rescued from a Rubbish Dump).  There is some type of coax or copper tubing in this Signal Generator which I am unsure about.  There are several photos in the following Album ... ....  specifically photo "Rohde and Schwarz.... 1007"  Although this is not related to my current problem with its PSU, I would like to understand what this tubing is. My Google searching has led to discussions about limitations of coax and BNC's, and waveguides at GHz frequencies etc, but I do not understand this in the context of a 520MHz Signal Gen and that the the lower tubing in photo "1009" terminates on the rear panel at a BNC.Any explanations or 'pointing me in the right direction' would be appreciated.My apologies if this is too far off-topic, but this is one Forum I trust where the appropriate expertise resides..-- Cheers,Ian,Melbourne, Australia

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