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Under no circumstances use lead free solder on ceramic strips! That is a guarantee of disaster.
First the melting point is too high, and second it makes a strange grainy intermetallic with the
lead based solder that Tektronix used.

And - with reference to Richard Pope's mail - never ever use solder that is simply 60:40 or 63:37
(ie without added silver) - that will leach the silver out of the ceramic strip notches. It is most
definitely NOT what Tektronix used in this application.

Others have already said that the easily available lead based solders with added silver contain 2%
silver, and are just fine for ceramic notches.

If you want more silver, the only leaded solder that contains 4% silver is made by WBT - but it is
about 4x the price.


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I am beginning restoration on a 555 I got a few months ago. What is the
correct alloy of solder for the ceramic tie strips? I have found both
tin/lead/silver and lead-free, both with 2% silver content . Are these satisfactory? Is 2%
enough, or is a richer alloy needed? Thanks, Bruce, KA2IVY

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