2465 HV Power Supply Issue


I've finally got the LVPS straightened out and back in. I'll be taking it back out again later to replace a couple RIFA caps that haven't exploded - yet.
It powers up, after a few seconds some relays kerchunk, and the front panel lights up like it should and responds to me poking the buttons and switches.
The problem now is there's no trace on the screen where there used to be one. No sign of the CRT filament coming on. The filament checks OK for continuity, The transformer filament winding checks for continuity. Powering it up reveals no filament voltage. I'm hoping it's just something in the HV board primary circuit, since I don't want to muck around the seconday side too much. I don't want to go flying across the room!
Before I start poking around in there, are there any "usual suspects" I should consider first? Any simple checks I can do without the power on?


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