Re: Replacing TDS540B CRT with LCD?

Harvey White

Had you considered a VGA LCD panel and a driver for it?  You might buy the whole thing and put it in the appropriate spots.


On 10/28/2019 3:23 PM, David C. Partridge wrote:
Thank you for the pointer to the simmconnlabs kit.

Unfortunately by the time that crosses the pond and has been processed by UK
Customs that comes to near as darn it 230-250 pounds, which doesn't add up
for me. Part of their cost is an FPGA which I believe I can avoid the need
for by using the VGA port to drive the LCD (though I'd need to add some

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Look at pricing is
$229.00USD - I have installed two of these in TDS540C and one, a different
kit , in a HP 8566B and they all work great. The install directions were a
bit ambiguous on what to do with the glass on the glass that was in front of
the CRT. The instructions seemed to indicate leaving it off, I didn't like
that so when I did my scope I modified the frame (very minor) so that the
glass was kept and the result is spectacular



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I believe that this is possible given a suitable "open-frame" 6.5" monitor
panel (I assume 640*480).

So far I've failed to locate anything on eBay or AliExpress (even at silly

If anyone has a pointer to a suitable panel (ideally cheap-ish) I'd be


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