Re: Replacing TDS540B CRT with LCD?

Stephen Hanselman


Look at pricing is
$229.00USD - I have installed two of these in TDS540C and one, a different
kit , in a HP 8566B and they all work great. The install directions were a
bit ambiguous on what to do with the glass on the glass that was in front of
the CRT. The instructions seemed to indicate leaving it off, I didn't like
that so when I did my scope I modified the frame (very minor) so that the
glass was kept and the result is spectacular



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I believe that this is possible given a suitable "open-frame" 6.5" monitor
panel (I assume 640*480).

So far I've failed to locate anything on eBay or AliExpress (even at silly

If anyone has a pointer to a suitable panel (ideally cheap-ish) I'd be


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