Re: 454 with no vert. deflection

Stan or Patricia Griffiths <w7ni@...> wrote:

I have a 454 that has no vertical deflection on ch1 or ch2, using
another scope I am able to trace signal from the preamps to the
deflection plates. The sweep appears to be in good shape and the
trace is centered on crt. ( position controls have no effect on
trace) What I don't understand is that I have a voltage imbalance on
vertical plates and the trace is still centered!
Boy! I don't understand that either. I have to wonder if the voltage
unbalance is actually getting to the deflection plates inside the CRT.
Perhaps there is a broken connection INSIDE the CRT. If the unbalance is
actually on the CRT plates, I don't see how the trace can be centered
vertically . . .


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