Re: Late 2465b A5 SMD cap replacements

Paul Amaranth

Thanks for that advice Chuck. I don't think they are leaking yet, but
the UV lamp idea is a good double check. It will get a thorough washing
in any case.


On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 10:00:54AM -0400, Chuck Harris wrote:
Tantalum would be ok for these capacitors, if you
can find any that will fit. The spacing of the pads
is for SMD electrolytic caps, and tantalum caps of
the same voltage and value tend to be longer.
(it has to do with the electrolytic caps sticking
up from the board...)

Also, and this is important: Electrolytic caps are
almost exclusively marked on the *negative* terminal.

Tantalum caps are almost exclusively marked on the
*positive* terminal.

Cleanup of electrolyte must be done with detergent
and water, with a good rinse. You can actually see
the electrolyte with the right wavelength UV light.

-Chuck Harris

Jean-Paul wrote:
Paul you need to research the A5 SMD cap leakage threads, and go to EEVblog.....2465b teardown (64 pages !).

The caps leak corrosive electrolyte due to poor seals, the electrolyte flows and corrodes components and traces of the PCB.

Drill....remove, clean, Replacement with electrolytic caps NOT tantalum, replacement all damaged parts.

Send a good photo of the A5 for further information.

Bon courage


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