Re: Late 2465b A5 SMD cap replacements

Paul Amaranth

Thanks, the 3 items on the spreadsheet under A5 were what I was looking for.
The commercial, not so much.

I generally have a DigiKey order go out once a month or so, so that will get
added to the next one.

Still thinking about how to read out the NVRAM with the equipment I have.
Might have to break down and buy one of the cheap programmers, although it
shouldn't be that hard to throw one together with an arduino and a few glue
chips. Writing to the NVRAM or a FRAM is not much of a problem.

Although not directly supported, I have a procedure to read it using my Data I/O 29B.
Have to find another chip to try that first though. Still have to write the new one.


On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 02:43:49AM -0700, M Yachad wrote:
Firstly, I offer a custom kit with ALL the EXACT component replacements, to save you the hassle of sourcing the wrong components, due to confusion, and/or lack of knowledge.
Secondly, I offer ONLY TTH replacements for the A5 SMD caps, and absolutely NOT Tantalum.
Thirdly, if you INSIST on doing the legwork yourself, I have posted a BoM in the Files section of this group (2018 July ...), to ensure that members source ONLY the CORRECT parts, and no other.

Menahem Yachad
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