Re: 7934/7834 transformer rewing

Sergey Kubushyn

On Sun, 20 Oct 2019, Craig Sawyers wrote:

I made the same mistake :) Morgan McDowell from Hamamatsu who has been very
helpful in getting manuals for my Microfocus X-Ray sources also turned out
to be a she... I've said "You are da man!" when she sent me L9181-02 manual
and that was only then she told me I'm mistaken :)

Anyway she's a very helpful lady, really appreciated. Those manuals are not
available anywhere and it was a pleasure to deal with such a helpful person.

Hi all

Much to my disgrace, I had assumed that Karin, who successfully rewound the HT transformer from hell
was a fella.

I was 100% wrong - Karin Johnson is a she.

Profuse apologies, Karin

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