Re: 7834 HT transformer rewind?

Chuck Harris

The 7834 transformer is an all-in-one transformer, and as
such it has all of the power supply windings, and the EHT
on a single core.

It is a cornucopia of wire sizes, taps, tapes, and wedges.

The winding machine would have to be started and stopped
two dozen times before the entire winding would be finished.

There are many in the 7000 series that are similarly done,
among them the 7904, 7934... The "A" scopes went back to
the separate Power and EHT style of design.

-Chuck Harris

Mlynch001 wrote:


I would be interested in a quote for the HV transformer of the Type 576 as well. The winding specs are readily available, unfortunately, the ferrite cores are not. There are very likely some buyers for a "factory built" replacement HV transformer for the 576 as well. Just throwing that out there, as this subject has already been thoroughly discussed in another thread.

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