Re: In search of Impeller Fan Fastener For Tek 2465 - Part # 243104001


Hi Chuck,

Found it. Slight discrepancy though - you mentioned these were made of brass and the print says 6061 (aluminum). Which is preferable for these?


On Oct 9, 2019 9:15 AM, Chuck Harris <cfharris@...> wrote:

Hi Eric,

There is already a blue print for the collets
in the files section of this group.  I have a
copy if you can't find it.

Tom Jobe took that print, and set up his CNC
shop to make them, and got exactly zero interest
from this group for his efforts.  He didn't want
all that much for them, just enough to cover the
cost of the brass and the wear on the tool bits.

When he was cleaning up loose ends before he died,
he sent me some.  Judging by how quickly they went,
free is apparently the correct price.

-Chuck Harris

EricJ via Groups.Io wrote:
Chuck, as an alternative to that approach, you could either make a
blueprint of the fan collet or send it my way so I can do so. Then I would
be happy to pass it on to the fellow in need. I could make a few up in my
spare time and send them back to you or on to whoever needed them. I was a
machinist and toolmaker for a couple decades before I ruptured a disc in
my back. Now I just make things for fun - can't stand at the machines all
day anymore.


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