Re: In search of Impeller Fan Fastener For Tek 2465 - Part # 243104001

Chuck Harris

This issue is caused by not reading the manual, and
incorrectly assuming how the fan is constructed. The
slotted screw is not ever supposed to be turned. The
slot is there to allow you to turn the nut without
putting any torque on the screw.

The correct way to remove the fan is to put a screwdriver
in the slot. Holding the screwdriver firm, and using a
wrench, loosen the nut. Remove the screwdriver, and turn
the nut by finger until it is flush with the top of the
screw slot. Finally, tap the nut a couple of times...
lightly... until the screw goes into the FAN hub a little
bit. The internal collet (the broken thingy) will have
released, and the fan will come off easily.

Send me your address, and I will send you my absolutly last
Tom Jobe collet. I was saving it for my own use, but you
need it more than I do.

-Chuck Harris

Phil Wong via Groups.Io wrote:

I got hold of a Tek 2465 (the one with the Siemens motor), but the inside
fan is cracked.

I could get epoxy and glue it back (suggestion appreciated), but this
fastener piece is in 4-5 small pieces. Could somebody here suggest a place
where I could order one of these?

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