Re: Passive Scope Probe Tip Assembly Replacement


Hi , I have just been in the same situation needing probe tips . I think you will find that using that part , compensating the probe will be very difficult if not impossible as the lower capacitance suggests that the cable is lower capacitance . For a X10 probe , tip capacitance X10 is approximately the cable and scope input capacitance . Best of luck finding a replacement tip , if you find any for the P6135A , I'd love to hear about it


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Is anyone out there knowledgeable about probe tip assemblies?

I have a Tektronix P6137 which uses probe tip assembly 206-0378-00 (10X; 11.8 pF; 9M ohm).  I am looking for an affordable tip replacement but haven't found any.  I am considering using Caltest CT3667 (equivalent to 206-0441-00) as a substitute.  Specs for CT3667/206-0441-00 are:10X; 8 pF; 9M ohm.  I am assuming both tips have the same dimensions (both are 3.5 mm probe tips, and pictures I've seen online for both appear virtually identical other than the color of the tip end).

What kind of trouble will I have if I pursue this substitution?  I am hoping I can simply screw in a CT3667 and adjust compensation for this substitution.


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