Re: Sanity check- is the TM500 interface spacing .150" or .156"?

Vince Vielhaber

Something to be careful about with the JAMMA extenders; they sometimes tie A & B sides together at the high number end, where the interconnect pins are. I had ICs popping their tops in an FC-501 because of it. Fortunately it was going to be parted out anyway, but I also remedied those pins that were tied together before anything else was plugged into it.


On 10/03/2019 05:40 PM, Dennis Tillman W7PF wrote:
The JAMMA extenders have been around for a long time. I made one of them myself even though I already had a Tek TM500 extender. The big advantage of the JAMMA extender is its rock bottom price. It will do just fine assuming extenders are something that you use infrequently.

More recently Dan Meeks <> created a much more functional (and gorgeous) implementation of the TM500 flexible extender with several useful debugging features that make it more than just an extender. The price for the kit was also rock bottom: $22 + $7 shipping, and they were available through Amazon. Unfortunately they sold out. I bought one and I was very impressed. It quickly became my favorite extender.

You can still see the original Amazon listing to see what it looks like and read about what it can do at this link:

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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I did my extender with a JAMMA edge board female connector and a JAMMA edge board used to retrofit older boards (which before JAMMA standard, every single different game had a different pinout/connector) to JAMMA standard

Works well, I have it for decades =)

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