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Hi Mel
Nice to hear from someone else in the UK , most sites like this are dominated by guys in the US .Unfortunately I discovered that when I tried what others had done to the later versions . I decided to leave things as they were after measuring the rise time of my scope when viewing the output of my 284 pulse generator , its pulse rise time was 64ps when measured with my 7A11/S4 and 7T11 and 7854 scope - the displayed rise time was 540pS give or take 20 or so depending on the input being used . As I did not have the needed gear to recalibrate the scope I did not remove the capacitors across the input signal traces . Overall the scope works very well and exceeds the spec regarding upper frequency limit so I opted to leave well alone .

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Hi Brian,

I've just found this thread because I might need help on my TDS 744 (non-A). Unfortunately, the 1GHz upgrade doesn't seem to be possible on the first versions (non-A) of this scope. I searched too, and had a conversation with a guy in the US (I'm in the UK) who does the upgrades on the A versions, and he confirmed that our version of the scope is not upgradable.


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