Re: National Instruments GPIB-400

Bob Albert

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that the cables we are discussing are little more than some wire and a couple of connectors.  Perhaps there is some electronics in there as well; I suspect so.  But isn't it maybe just level shifting?
I don't know the technical details but it does seem that even $100 is ridiculous.  I can buy USB devices that can read many memory card formats for a couple of dollars, and I suspect those aren't any simpler than a GPIB interface cable.  I can buy the nanoVNA for less than $50.  So the cost of the interface is definitely out of line.
Yes there are companies that buy things regardless of price.  The manufacturers have probably analyzed the market and have decided that it's better to sell a few at high prices than many at lower prices.  It's their call and I am not in a position to argue.  But I vote with my money and my money isn't voting for those.
Yes I am "just" a hobbyist and my monry isn't a significant fraction of the market.  Value is important to me, if not to the big guys who do this stuff for a living (of which I used to be a part).

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Also worth noting that the Chinese clones (if that's what they are) of the
GPIB-USB-HS adapters come with a CD containing driver versions that will work with them
They are real deal - from Agilent Technologies, Ins. themselves.


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