Re: CORRECTION: Tom Jobe Drag Racing Legend; WAS [TekScopes] Tom Job

Chuck Harris

Tom was a friend, and somehow I don't think he would approve of
us making a fuss about his passing. He was not big on self
promotion, much preferring to praise and promote others that he

I sensed something was up about a year ago when he seemed to be
tidying up loose ends. The tone and tenor of his emails seemed
somehow a little different.

One of those loose ends was to give me his remaining stock of
fan collets he made for the 2465. They were made on one of his
CNC lathes, and are simply beautiful. I told him so, but as
was typical, he ignored my praise.

I have 4 or 5 left, and if anyone needs one, I would be happy to
send one on. I would prefer that they be used for a scope that
matters to you, and not just something you want to spiff up for
a sale.

Tom will be missed.

-Chuck Harris

Dennis Tillman W7PF wrote:

George Lydecker misspelled Tom Jobe's name in his original post.

Tom Jobe was a 15+ year member of, and regular contributor to, TekScopes.
He was legendary in drag racing. You can read more about him at this address:

More from George:
Tom Jobe was indeed a valued member of, and a regular contributor to, TekScopes for the past 15 years. Tom came from an automotive career at Honda and electronics was a secondary passion. He became involved with our group through his interest in using and understanding oscilloscopes in the context repairing electronics systems in cars.

I’ll have to ask Trevor, Tom’s friend and now mine, about what he knows of this early history. In any aspect, Tom was a good and kind person whose company I enjoyed and will miss greatly.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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