Re: Tektronix 464 oscilloscope Dead screen

Roger Evans

Are you sure that the 464 has a 'power' light? I can't find one in the manual and the coloured sleeve on the on/off switch that is visible in the On position often means that there isn't a specific power light. It is not uncommon for the timebase trigger light to flash on power up.

The 464, being a storage scope has some lethal voltages (600Volts DC) quite apart from the usual hazard areas of the CRT supplies. There is a 140Volt supply for the neon indicators on the front panel which is another hazard. Are you confident of your ability to safely make measurements and tests and identify the hazardous areas?

If you download the manual eg from you should begin by finding your way around the various boards with the power safely off. The next step is to find where you can measure the various low voltage DC supplies (+65V, +15V, +5V, -8V and -15V) and see if these are within spec. You don't give any indication of your experience and what equipment you have to hand so it is dificult to go any further.


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