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Thanks for the correction and update.


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George Lydecker misspelled Tom Jobe's name in his original post.

Tom Jobe was a 15+ year member of, and regular contributor to, TekScopes.
He was legendary in drag racing. You can read more about him at this address:

More from George:
Tom Jobe was indeed a valued member of, and a regular contributor to, TekScopes for the past 15 years. Tom came from an automotive career at Honda and electronics was a secondary passion. He became involved with our group through his interest in using and understanding oscilloscopes in the context repairing electronics systems in cars.

I’ll have to ask Trevor, Tom’s friend and now mine, about what he knows of this early history. In any aspect, Tom was a good and kind person whose company I enjoyed and will miss greatly.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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I’m very sad to share the news that a good friend and member of our Tekscope community, Tom Job, has passed away. I for one will miss his kind and thoughtful posts. Tom truly embodied the spirit of Tekscope and was one of the most helpful people here. Tom even went so far as to learn how to create and post videos on YouTube to help a fellow a poster on our forum. Somehow, through Tekscope, I came to learn that Tom lived in the Los Angeles area and frequented the TRW amateur radio swap meet. We met up and became good friends, having lunch and sharing stories. Tom’s inclusive and warm hearted nature will be very much missed.


Dennis Tillman W7PF
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