Re: Sanity check- is the TM500 interface spacing .150" or .156"?

Albert Otten

I once assumed that a clutch roller length, specified as 0.236" (5.9944 mm), was 6 mm. Totally wrong! This was the reprimand by a respected British motorcycle technician:
--- If a british engineer "aimed at" 1/4" x 0.236" then that is what he got.
If he wanted 6mm he "aimed at" 6mm and got 6mm
to think that they wanted 6mm instead of 0.236 is totally bizarre logic. ---

Tek mentions pitch 0.156" in the TM502A manual. However, I must say that 5/32" is better consistent with measured pitch of plugin edge connectors. I don't know how much the pitch might be affected by humidity or age.


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