Re: Tektronix 561B - is it a decent collectors item?


As far as a Tek 561B is concerned, you may want to bargain down the price since it is not a 564 / 564B storage scope version!With the covers off by comparison, the 561B looks empty inside!  Storage function is very useful!

Once the price comes down and you are happy, take it and enjoy it, it's still plenty useful. The 560 series has over 20 plug-insincluding 2 S.A. units (that may require a resistor and coax added depending on s/n to get the sweep sawtooth signal to pinsdriving the SAs)
Good luck!

On Monday, September 30, 2019, 2:47:24 a.m. EDT, keantoken via Groups.Io <> wrote:

As for being collectible, my guess is that it is not the best example of Tektronix quality or features so it will not be very sought after. But as a demonstration tool it doesn't have any extra confusing bells or whistles, which makes it ideal for a teaching environment. Personally mine is purely for lab work unless I can sell it for a significant chunk of wages.

I got mine from a school superintendent who took pity on me when I was in grade school. It had T and V marked in pencil outside the display and had a metal tag with the name of the college it came from. I wouldn't be surprised if this unit with the basic amp and timebase units was a very low cost unit and used a lot by schools for teaching. I think mine saw light use in a school which is why I haven't had issues with it so far.
I upgraded mine with a better timebase and the 3A9 1uV 1MHz differential amp input plugin.
This more than makes up for the reduced bandwidth as I can see way down into the noise with the filtering options. I wanted to get a spectrum analyzer plugin for it, but I guess I would be better served getting a more recent surplus unit.  On Monday, September 30, 2019, 12:57:26 AM CDT, Roy Morgan <k1lky68@...> wrote: 

The HV transformers in those scopes gather moisture and can be brought back to health by warming firca day or so with a lamp.

Bandwidth may seem pitifully lame by modern standards but I used one for years very happily. Fixing radios and audio amplifiers does NOT need 60 megacycle bandwidth.

The knobs and controls are nice and big- easy to manipulate. You may not be able to get the sweep and TDR plugins to work but the rest will function just fine.

Roy sends.

On Sep 29, 2019, at 10:27 PM, bradytmm@... wrote:

Scope appears very clean, with 3A6 amplifier and 3B3 time base. Also includes a crusty looking Scope-Mobile 201-1 with drawer. The intriguing bit is the 3S7 sampler and 3T7 TDR sweep plug-ins (also looking somewhat crusty) sitting in the cart slots.
The scope belonged to a retired tech and appears to have been well cared for. The cart and TDR plug-ins not so much. Seller is asking $165 for the lot. Does this sound like a potential winner, or run away fast?

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