Re: National Instruments GPIB-USB-HS Fakes, WAS: National Instruments GPIB-400

Kevin Oconnor

@Leo & @Dennis
The ethics aside, what is the basis for the claim that 99% of the eBay GPIB-HS are clones? The current eBay price is ~$150USD. These have been around for many, many years. If the “new” price was $1000, I would expect the surplus price of NOS or used inventory to be ~10-20% of the list.
Are you saying these eBay units will not work with the readily available NI-488 software versions 15.x, 16.x & 17.x?
If bought on eBay, how would one know a clone from an original. I think if you make the claim of being fake, you should provide the means for making the identification.
My eBay units look original and work.

Im not defending the cloning industry. But the fact is many product designs are begging to be cloned by pricing and market demand. Saleae Logic analyzers are a good example. There initial design was so good yet so eminently clone-able that they lost control of the hardware. Their only hope of survival was to move up the food chain with more expensive designs that could not be easily cloned. By continuing the support the cloned hardware with their software they did a service to the design community. I hope they continue to succeed.

Ok, I’m drifting......


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