Re: (OT) Curious about DuMont Type 233 Giant Screen Oscillograph

Gary Appel

One of my prized possessions was the HP 143A Oscilloscope mainframe, which took the various RF and IF spectrum analyzer sections that the 141 took. The screen was 8 x 10 inches, instead of cm. Unfortunately one of my plug-ins failed when I turned on the 143A, and I suspected it was a power supply problem in the mainframe. And besides, it was just a bit large to take along when we moved to Hawaii.

It was, however, quite impressive!

Gary Appel

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On Sat, Sep 28, 2019 at 09:38 PM, ChuckA wrote:

I've been looking for one of those for years. Never came across anything other
than a couple of ads in some old magazines and I have a 4 page data sheet from
1943. It used a 20AP1 CRT, frequency response is 2 to 75,000cps, it is 60"
high x 28"wide x 36"deep. It only weighed 325lbs. It was called a "Lecture
Demonstration Oscillograph"

Interesting. Are there any scans of that datasheet?

Good luck finding gut feeling says that if any exist it'll be in someone's estate.


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