Re: 1A5 differential comparator 'sponginess'

Dave Wise

5V/0.5V is what you see at the MONITOR jack. Under the hood, it's applied after signal attenuation, and it covers the entire common-mode range regardless of V/Div setting.
(It drops to 0.5V on the 5-10-20V/Div ranges because common mode range is limited by safety, to 500V not 5000V.)
7A13 is about the same except the jack is 0-10V.

Type Z was Tek's first differential comparator plugin and is half-tube half-transistor, mostly germanium. Its native sensitivity is 50mV with a 100V common-mode range. That's with no attenuation!
There's a lot of bootstrapping and so on to achieve that range. Vc is a 0G3 gas tube plus a string of temperature-compensated zeners.

Dave Wise

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You are right, its level is much lower than I remembered.

I was thinking it was comparable to the 7A13, but I guess
not... I know little to nothing about the Z.

-Chuck Harris

Dave Wise wrote:
Chuck, 1A5 Vc is only 5V. You might be thinking of Type Z, 100V.

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