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Dwayne Reid

Hi there, Sean.

When you said "bad line cord", I assumed that you meant the AC power cord. However, upon reading subsequent messages, I'm now guessing that you are talking about the cord between the current probe and the chassis.

I have a P6042 where the probe cable has died many times. I just kept cutting it shorter and shorter. However, it finally got to the point where I had to replace the cable.

I used a HDMI cable and cut the HDMI plugs off. Lots of individually-shielded pairs.

Working fine so far but I suspect that the particular HDMI cable that I chose is also not suited for continuous flexing.

Just a suggestion.


At 09:49 PM 9/21/2019, wrote:

Hi all,

Among other things I bought at hamfest, I got a P6042 current probe that won't power on. I believe all that may be wrong with it is a bad line cord, as there's no continuity between chassis and earth. Also, the hot conductor is only putting out about 30Vrms.

Is there a recommended way to replace it with a better cord? It seems super tiny gauge anyway.


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