Re: Morning fun - working scope with no tubes?



Thank you for the link to the power cord. OMG, I Am so laughing my ass off. Easily, my favorite line was “It makes digital sound like analog”. Keep in mind my day job is managing a team that does high resolution digital archiving of analog tapes for a major record label. I’ve seen every flavor of audio snake oil made.

As for older tube scopes, I purchased a tube harvested Tek 535A at a ham swap meet, and slowly re-tubed and restored it, all with the help of this group.

I still use and enjoy it.

73’s George KD6NEW

On Sep 19, 2019, at 3:55 PM, Jamie Ostrowski <jamie.ostrowski@...> wrote:

I don't think that formula for calculating the price of the oscilloscope
makes any sense. There isn't much demand for most of the tubes in that
oscilloscope. All harvesters are interested in is the audio tubes. The
remaining tubes in that oscilloscope will sit on ebay for years and years
and years. In other words, they're mostly worthless.

On Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 2:44 PM Chuck Harris <cfharris@...> wrote:

I am certain there is a reason for every person that
says no, rather than yes, to a higher priced 535.

Just as I may say no to a higher priced antique car.

My point is, that if you don't own it, you get no say
in what the person that does own it does with it.

Complaining about a tube harvester, harvesting tubes
because he sees a higher price for the tubes than
anyone is willing to pay for the scope as a whole,
seems fatuous at best.

If one doesn't like that the scopes get their tubes
removed and sold, one should offer a higher price for
the scope with tubes than the audiofools pay for the
tubes, without the scope.

The economic model will change to disfavor tube
harvesting almost instantly.

If you want to know what a reasonable price is, do an
inventory of the tubes in the scope, and check the sold
prices for the same tubes on ebay. Then make your offer
for the 535 be more than the sum of those tube prices
on ebay.

-Chuck Harris

Harvey White wrote:
Perhaps we don't have the money?

How much is a used 535 worth?

Firstly as a scope.

Secondly as a collector's object to be restored.

Thirdly a source of oh so valuable tubes.

Fourth as a source of spare parts for a working unit.

What would you suggest as "reasonable" prices we might pay....?


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