Re: Morning fun - working scope with no tubes?

John Williams

I will not buy any instrument that has had the tubes removed. I bought a 555 power supply that the seller had removed the tubes to show how clean it was. (It was brand new in the original box, so I don’t know what he was trying to prove). Anyway it didn’t work when I tested it. Careful inspection showed that two tubes were put back in the wrong socket. Luckily there was no damage but there could have been.

And of course if the tubes were removed what else has been lifted. It is very hard sometimes to determine if a component has been snipped out.

Tubes in my opinion are no big deal anyway. There are literally millions of new ones out there in their original boxes. One guy I met at a hamfest told me he had 4 semi trailers in his yard packed to their ceilings with nib radio tubes. He couldn’t get rid of them. So why would I want to buy used, untested and dirty tubes when I can get new ones a lot cheaper? The answer is I don’t.

This year I have only had to buy two tube types. I needed 6AN8s so I bought 2 for 20 bucks. When they arrived the seller had found he had 4, so he sent all of them. They had been tested and tested fine here. Same for a pair of 6080s that I bought because I liked to have a couple more spares. When I saw a pair of 12AX7s listed for $400, I actually pissed myself laughing. Sorry, too much information.

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