Re: Morning fun - working scope with no tubes?

Roy Thistle

On Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 07:13 PM, Jamie Ostrowski wrote:

I wish there was a way to find a way to keep the classic scopes out of the
hands of the tube harvesters.
Hi All:
The only way I found to do it was to offer more ( some times way more ) than what the tube hounds were willing to pay. Some people here are suggesting that solution.
In my experience, these tube harvesting guys are hard-bitten. And as far as I can reason, irrationally motivated by flummery they believe, or foist on their buyers.
Throwing money at the problem, will only be cause for asking for more money to be thrown.
I surmise, that the copious number of individuals willing to claim or believe, that brand X 12AX7 et. al. gives "a warm sweet chocolatey sound, with a hint of nutmeg" won't be deterred by the rational economic principle of diminishing returns. Quite the opposite: they will be thinking they are paying for a premium quality of sound that no one else has. The emperor is always willing to pay more for new clothes.
The only way, in my opinion, to rectify this situation is for common sense, and rationality to prevail.

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