Re: Morning fun - working scope with no tubes?


Some tube scavengers are good for our hobby. They are the ones who are set up to market the rest of the parts of a scope back to us. With the aging of folks like Stan who acuumulated lots of Tektronix parts early on, our sources of parts are diminishing. Given the time involved in disassembly, organizing and selling, I doubt that a tube scavenger can pay for than $100 for a scope.

An example would be ebay seller mercedesman6572. I have bought a few parts from him over the years and note that his principal business appears to be tubes. Most of the tubes are in original boxes so not harvested, but other tubes may well be from scopes. Even though a few tubes have high prices, the whole endeavor must be as much a hobby as a business. If you look at his website, there are a lot of Tektronix parts under $10. I will say that I have parted out a couple of 500 series scopes myself to have a parts supply, but it is a real challenge to keep track of those parts and the time I would have to spend to organize and sell them would be impractical.

One approach that I would like to suggest is to inquire whether a purchaser actually has a business website where one can confirm that they are not just discarding the rest of the scope. If so, selling the scope to them for $100 or less is better than our family throwing it out when we can't remember what a scope is.

73s Bob Krassa ACØJL

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