Re: Morning fun - working scope with no tubes?

Harvey White

Perhaps we don't have the money?

How much is a used 535 worth?

Firstly as a scope.

Secondly as a collector's object to be restored.

Thirdly a source of oh so valuable tubes.

Fourth as a source of spare parts for a working unit.

What would you suggest as "reasonable" prices we might pay....?


On 9/19/2019 7:38 AM, Chuck Harris wrote:
Then how can we get upset when a tube harvester
does what comes natural?

The price is related to demand and availability.
Each unit that is tube harvested, reduces the

The only part of the equation that is currently
stalled is the "increases the price" part. Thus
far, we treasure these scopes, but we value them
like they are trash.

We want them, but are too cheap to pay for them. We
just complain, but don't increase the prices we are
willing to pay.

-Chuck Harris

Jamie Ostrowski wrote:
And lastly, before I go close out my day and drown in a sea of random
youtube videos for the evening, as cool as they are, they are just
oscilloscopes, and there's just a lot of other cool vintage gear out there
to attract buyers. When they start hitting $500, people say "well, that's
really cool but...look at all the other cool vintage gear I could get for
that."... So...that has a big impact as well. Ultimately, you can really
increase the price, but people are going to look for other things to

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