Re: 11801 NVRAM

Chuck Harris

Hi Sergey,

You sound like me... great ambition, limited time.

I have copied the display EPROMS, and the exec EPROMS.

I am not sure where the TB EPROMS are, but if they are
nestled up behind the sampling heads, I have no interest
in going there.

The 11801C and CSA803C share the same documentation... so
the differences in the "C" models appear to be just foot
notes, for the most part.

I cant say what the CSA "A" model has or doesn't have that
the 11801"C" model has or doesn't have. I would expect
that the suffix letters between the 11801's and CSA's are
probably the same.

After all, aren't the CSA's just 11801's with clipped wings?

My 11801C is above B030000, and it mentions the OPT 1T in
the Identify page. So, the manual is true on that point.
I suspect tek just bundled it in with the rest of the
code after the B020000 check point.

-Chuck Harris

Sergey Kubushyn wrote:

On Tue, 17 Sep 2019, Chuck Harris wrote:


Yes, it might be. Good to have EEPROMs copy anyway. I don't also know what
ROM versions are in my 11801C and it is in my own far storage corner on a
shelf so it would take quite an effort to get there and check. Have too many
stuff and in major remodeling (?) now -- lots of construction work, finally
installing my lathe/mills/breke/sheet metal tools/machinery and so on...
Unfortunately it is not something quick and as a matter of fact can take
forever -- it is impossible to complete, one can only stop that process at
some point :)

I do remember that 11801C has everything CSA803A had and more by default but
not sure if it applied to all of them or starting at some serial number. And
that "Option" noun is that bothers me...

Hi Sergey,

I am getting ready to do some EPROM copying, and was looking for
parts information... which is sadly missing from my manual.

I did run across a little bit on instrument options that states
option 1T is standard after serial B020000, as is my machine, but
still shows up in the identify pop up menu. This option can be
added to pre B020000 instruments.

So, we may be chasing nothing.

-Chuck Harris

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