Re: Identify the 3-pin Sealectro power Connector from 454 scope for P6045 probe

Tom Li

Raymond Domp Frank said,
I'm pretty sure it is *not* (compatible with) a Lemo connector: The "Sealectro" has an
internal "shim" that the Lemo doesn't have, the Lemo has an "outward dent" in the rim
which the 454's doesn't have (it has one in the teflon center body) and the bushings
form an equilateral triangle in the 454's, whereas the Lemo 303's contacts as per the
catalog drawing don't.
No worries. I think your assessment is indeed correct, I don't think it's even
worth trying, so LEMO model 303 is not compatible with Sealectro 950-0019-86,
I've canceled the order.

The biggest problem is that, in the current catalog from Sealectro, it doesn't
even have a 950 prefix, it seems the series has been permanently discontinued
and there is no information about substitute. I went to Q-service's website as
suggested by Bruce as well, but it requires dedication to find the part in the
huge listings, not to mention the multi-week international shipping.

Now I decide to replace the power cord with a generic one with a DIN connector.
The power cord is not a impedance-controlled coax, replacing it should be straightforward,
getting a shielded cord should work well.

Meanwhile, if anyone has ideas about potentially compatible parts, I would
purchase and test them. I think it may help someone else in the future, my
thread seems to be the only discussion about the 3-pin power connector I
can find on the entire web.

Tom Li

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