Re: Identify the 3-pin Sealectro power Connector from 454 scope for P6045 probe


The Tek Electro-Mechanical Common Design Parts Catalog (Jan 1989) on page 11-14 "Circular Connectors Multipin - Receptacle" describes it as:
Contacts: 3 Female
Thread Size: 0.354"
Special Features: Snap Lock with Index Mark
Cost: $8.90
Code: CS (meaning Customer Service Replacement Item not used in a current production instrument)

Neither the Common Design Parts Catalog nor the 454 Service Manual has any manufacturer information. This comes as a surprise to me.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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I have 454 manual document 070-0617-00.

The power sockets are 2 pieces 131-0438-00, shown as part 84 in fig. 1, "Front".
The parts list shows them as "CONNECTOR, 3 contact, female".
In the schematic diagram they can be seen as "U123B" and "J123" in dwg 14 In the mechanical parts list they are shown as "J1238" and "J1239", which makes more sense.


Dennis Tillman W7PF
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