Re: Identify the 3-pin Sealectro power Connector from 454 scope for P6045 probe


TekWiki is unable to confirm it either, it says "The 015-0073-00 (power supply) has
a 3-pin probe power connector (Sealectro 55-850-0018-98?)", note the question mark,
and worse, I was unable to find that Sealectro part.
The rim of the sockets on one of my 454's is marked "Sealectro" and "950-0019-00".

After some researches in the mailing list archive, currently I highly suspect it's a
LEMO connector, model 303. I've already ordered one EGG.00.303.CLL. I'll update
the thread and report back when my package arrives.
I'm pretty sure it is *not* (compatible with) a Lemo connector: The "Sealectro" has an internal "shim" that the Lemo doesn't have, the Lemo has an "outward dent" in the rim which the 454's doesn't have (it has one in the teflon center body) and the bushings form an equilateral triangle in the 454's, whereas the Lemo 303's contacts as per the catalog drawing don't. I haven't checked exact measures and
unfortunately, I cant suggest a number nor supplier for the 454's sockets.

The later 4-pin probe power sockets are Lemo.


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