Re: From 2014: Tektronix Announces Winner of Europe’s Oldest Working Oscilloscope Contest

Chuck Harris


Kevin Wood G7BCS wrote:

Exactly the same story with my 546, but with a different ending. It was donated to
the school by the local Marconi factory and sat in the science lab at school
gathering dust for several years while we used the basic junk that the school was

Eventually I asked why it was never used. Too many knobs! Nobody could understand it.
I made a cheeky offer and it came home in my mother's wheelbarrow!

30+ years later and with the benefit of one of Chuck's transformers it still works
very nicely!


On 16/09/2019 21:57, Dave Wise wrote:
Closest I got was high school (Benson Polytechnic in Portland OR) in the early
70's, where one electronics classroom had a 514D in a back corner. I always felt
sorry for the poor old thing, which was never touched as far as I know. Also
covetous; but the teacher wouldn't give it up. It was the best instrument in the
room, our assigned tools being RCA service-grade boxes.

Dave Wise

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