Re: 3.5mm connector for SD24 sampling head...

Chuck Harris

If you have a hankering for SD24 porn, there is a complete
tear down, with high resolution pictures on the tekwiki.

I am familiar with working brass. I suspect that this could
be done, but I have no confidence that the connector will
be accurate afterwards. Annealing brass requires you to
heat it to dull red, and then immerse it in water...sort of
the opposite of what you do with steel. I am sure that the
teflon would be ruined.

The connector doesn't look like a solder type. It appears,
from the pictures, to be screwed into a solid block, and
perhaps makes spring contact with the circuit board.

-Chuck Harris

Reginald Beardsley via Groups.Io wrote:

That's the sort of thing an expander plug can fix. However, I'd expect to spend most of a day on such a project. But that's because I'm a novice machinist. Not too sure that replacing the connector would be any easier though.

BTW brass work hardens very quickly and attempting to anneal the connector in place might not work out well. Though if you were lucky it would just unsolder it. Once it work hardens, further cold working will crack the metal. So I'd approach attempting to repair the connector with the expectation that I might have to replace it. You would only get one try at reforming the metal.

I would like to get a non-working head to take apart and study. I just don't want to spend too much on one. Certainly not the $200+ some people ask on ebay for "parts only" heads.


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