Re: 3.5mm connector for SD24 sampling head...

Chuck Harris

Hi Reg,

The flat cylinder of the nose (that comes just before the thread), has
been smashed almost flat on one side. The mating surfaces (inside of
the connector), appear to be ok, to my calibrated eye.

I have thought about making a little rotary tool that would roll around
the outside edge, and roll the smashed edge back to the proper shape,
as it is pretty soft metal, but I fear that I will spend more time than
the plugin is worth, and destroy the needed accuracy of the APC 3.5mm

It would seem better to find someone that has an electrically damaged
head that has a good connector, and work out a trade for the connector.

I, of course, have no idea what I will find when I try to replace the
connector. I don't have a clue how it is terminated on the circuit
board... probably the success of such a swap is highly improbable.

-Chuck Harris

Reginald Beardsley via Groups.Io wrote:

How extensive is the damage? If it's just the thread, a fine triangular needle file will fix that.

If the side has been pushed in so it is no longer round, but not too badly damaged, it's a bit more complex, but still a fairly simple repair if you have access to a small lathe with which to make a plug expander to fit inside the connector.

I made one once to fix a friend's flute foot joint which was worn and allowed the foot to fall off. It took a couple of tries to make one that worked, but I'm not a machinist and had no experience. All I had to go on was the concept of a conical plug being pulled into a conical hole which then forced the outer cylinder to expand.

Would you post a close up photo to the files section?

Have Fun!

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