Re: 11801 NVRAM

Albert Otten

On Sun, Mar 24, 2019 at 01:32 PM, Jack2015 wrote:

I did same mistake last week on my CSA803 when replacing NVRAM on the timebase
board(selftest error code E5322),
the factory calibration data is gone,now when I measure a 100khz signal it
shows me 106Khz,when measure a 1Mhz signal it shows 106Mhz...
I want to know how to fix this problem too.

I may have overlooked an answer to this *old* question. The batteries in my CSA803 were dead on arrival. So I also had to replace the batteries (plus chips) without restoring any data. The frequency measurements are still OK. I may have done some user available calibration though.
This is in line with my conclusion that factory calibration constants were introduced in later models.


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